Dear Mike: What are Holiday Omens?

Dear Mike: What are Holiday Omens?

What are Holiday Omens?
The Holiday Omens are “gifts” for each member of the audience. They portend some aspect of their New Year.

How does it work?
Audience members are given the opportunity to reach into the Omen Bag, pull out one Omen, and pass the bag. At that point, it is up to the recipient to interpret why it picked them.

Do YOU know why it picked them?
I do not.

Does it work?
Oh yes.

Are the Omens always “good”?
Is anything?

How would you define your role in distributing the Holiday Omens?
They have come to me, looking for directions elsewhere.

Does this go against any religions?
Technically, yes. To some it equals idolatry, false witness, or a nod to other, darker arts. Audience members do not need to reach in.

Have people ever returned an Omen?
A large plastic eggplant was thrown at me on stage at New York City’s Mercury Lounge. It was revelatory, for those of a certain mind.

Have you ever been given an Omen?
Yes. I have been given Omens a couple of times by incredibly generous people. I was deeply moved.

When did this tradition start?
Long ago.

Are tickets still available?
Maybe. Maybe not. I’d check.